Answerbase has beta launched

Lumin Creative, the company that has been providing the Question & Answers platform for some of the largest online properties such as and for years, has now launched a new beta version of our system that enables anyone to setup a Q&A site within minutes.

Using our powerful Q&A system with a wide range of features, we’ve packaged all of those capabilities into an easy to use and maintain online service (SaaS), enabling anyone to take advantage of the platform.  Whether you’re a part time blogger or a highly active enterprise client, Answerbase provides a range of service levels that can cater to any size site.

With Question and Answer sites getting more and more popular across the web (just look at Quora, Stackoverflow, Answerbag, Blurtit etc.) along with the continued growth of niche sites focused on a particular subject matter, the Answerbase platform can help drive the success of those sites by easily offering Q&A features to your users. Experience consistently growing organic traffic from search engines as your user generated content grows, allowing you to sell more advertisement or lead more users to your paid services and thus getting a great ROI. Answerbase has a large range of integration features and customization options, so you’re able to seamlessly add your Q&A features to your existing website.

We invite you to start your free trial today, and experience how social Q&A can work for you.