We have never seen a faster, easier, or lower-cost way to consistently get your content at the top of page 1 in organic search. Without blogs, backlinks, page authority, or content promotion.
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Engage Visitors & Collect More Leads

Integrate Q&A seamlessly into your pages, giving your visitors a natural way to engage your content and turning them from a visitor into a new lead...all while driving SEO.

  • Choose what information to collect for each lead as they ask a question, on average 86% of new questions provide new contact information.
  • Q&A threads are spawned into landing pages, so new leads asking similar questions on search engines are brought to your site.
  • Improves your overall SEO as Google recognizes you as a thought leader on your products and services.

Helpful Content Lifts B2B Visibility & Click-Through Rates

80% of Google’s searches are for information and 70% of that is long-tail, and customers who are purchasing your products or services are looking for information all the time. Satisfying those searches with helpful content lifts your positions and click-through rates. Companies see an average of 121% higher click-through rates to content published and distributed through Answerbase’s helpful content platform. A B2B services company started utilizing Answerbase to publish and distribute people-first helpful content on all of their pages and have never seen a faster, easier, or lower-cost way to consistently get their content ranked for organic search (see chart).

As most website owners know by now, Google promotes sites that are experts in their field. As the number of Q&A’s have increased in our database we have seen correlating increases in search placement.
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Boost SEO & Search Traffic

Answerbase is great for SEO as it creates a new landing page for every popular Q&A thread and those pages are optimized for search engines. The result is that people who ask similar questions through search engines find your content and are lead to your site.

On the example shown in this screenshot, you can see an Answerbase customer has the top two organic placements as people using Google search ask similar questions to those already posted....leading those users to our customer's site as a brand new potential lead.

Answerbase leads to year over year growth in new visitors asking questions relevant to your site, while improving your overall SEO.

Below you can see the search engine traffic growth to Q&A landing pages over a 5 year period for another Answerbase customer.


Collect Relevant Lead Information

Answerbase collects any lead information you need with every new question that is asked, making sure that you get all the information you need to grow your sales.

You choose what form fields will be represented when a user ask a questions, which fields are required, and which fields are optional. This enables you to get all the information you need during the ask question process, in order to convert sales on the other end.

Some customers collect over 450+ more new leads every month through adding Answerbase Q&A to their pages! We also can connect seamlessly with other services so those leads automatically are added to your lead lists.


Talk to a Product Specialist

Talk to an Answerbase product specialist who is familiar with the latest trends in SEO and B2B lead generation, businesses like yours, and speak specifics on how Answerbase will create value for you.