Advanced Widgetbuilders

Answerbase has just launched three new advanced widgetbuilders in the administration area, making integration into your site easier and much more flexible.

When looking to integrate your Answerbase Q&A platform and content into your website or blog, these new widget builders make that much easier to accomplish.   With three different widgets that you can create and customize, you’re able to display questions lists, an “Ask a Question” widget, or experts lists throughout your site which supplies more relevant content to your users and provokes more activity on the Q&A system.  With the ability to customize each widget’s colors, size, titles, etc., you are able to integrate them optimally within your pages.

Integrating Q&A content and widgets throughout your Q&A site allows you to more effectively build an active community around your site’s subject matter, giving your visitors a reason to spend more time and be active members on your online property.  By promoting activity like users asking more questions, this produces more user generated content on your system and then in turn draws more traffic from search engines back to your site.  You’re also able to identify content on specific topics, allowing you to display Q&A questions and experts that are relevant to the information on your pages.

Answerbase Widgetbuilder

In just a few minutes, you’re able to build widgets that integrate well with your content and graphics, and then easily grab the automatically generated code and insert it into your pages.   Find the new widget builders by logging into your administration area once you’ve created a site, finding the “Integration” section on the top navigation,  and then you’ll be able to see all the available widget builders.

Here are a few examples of widgets that you can build and utilize on your site:

Answerbase Widget Examples