How Social Q&A Can Build Your Online Community

We have a number of features on the Q&A platform that help companies easily build a user community around their products, services and information.  These tools help secure Q&A as the most effective way to start an online community and drive user interaction.

Answerbase’s community features that will enhance the system’s ability to turn your website visitors into an active community of users.  In addition to the core Q&A functionality, Answerbase supports category and tag subscriptions as well as public-facing widget builders.  These features compliment Q&A’s natural ability to establish and grow a community, rooted in the ever-growing number of new visitors coming through search engine traffic who become active members in the community.

“These features are making it easier than ever for website owners to turn website visitors into a thriving community around their products, services, or website’s subject-matter” says David Givoni, Co-Founder of

The category and tag subscription feature allows your members to identify if they want to answer questions related to specific topics.  Once subscribed, the system instantly notifies those users when a new question is posted within those topics.  As more and more users subscribe, this feature literally builds an army of knowledgeable experts on every subject who are immediately alerted when new questions are asked.  This helps ensure that visitors who ask questions get timely and quality answers.

Public-facing widget builders allow your members to easily contribute to the viral growth of the community, as members are able to add widgets to their own websites.  Widget builders allow community members to easily customize an “ask a question” widget, question list widget, or expert list widget and then quickly add those to their site.  This draws both traffic and new members to the parent Q&A community, while giving you relevant content and functionality to display on other areas of your site.

All of these tools compliment the Answerbase Q&A system’s natural ability to grow the community through sustained growth of search engine traffic.  As more questions are posted to your Q&A site, each of those questions creates a new page optimized extensively for search.  As people are searching for solutions to similar questions through search engines, the Q&A content ranks high in search results and draws new visitors to your Q&A community.  This naturally grows your community as an increasing number of your visitors become active members, providing one of the most effective ways to build an online community around almost any subject.  Websites like have been taking advantage of this system to start and grow their online community;

“When looking to engage our visitors and create a community focused on small businesses software, we determined that Answerbase’s Q&A platform was the most effective way of accomplishing that.  Given how foundational asking and answering questions is in communicating about almost any topic, Answerbase was the perfect tool to initiate interaction while also creating valuable content.” says Christophe, Founder of the business software marketplace

If you are looking for a solution to create a loyal community around your products and website’s subject-matter, many are finding that adding Answerbase Q&A to their site is the most effective way to do just that.

Add Q&A to your site today and start what Answerbase can do for you.