Sitemap Verification + Tools Display

We have a couple more features just released for you, with enhancements allowing sitemap verification as well as display options for the tools area on your Q&A site.

Sitemap Verification

Lastly if you care a lot about your search engine indexing and use the webmaster tools that Google, Yahoo and others provide, you are now able to verify your Answerbase site with your own personal meta tags, so that you can integrate with those webmaster tools and have a full view of how your site is indexed with those search engines. You can also submit the sitemap to the search engines and make it easier for them to keep updated with your content.  You can find your sitemap and the ability to verify in the “System Settings” area of your administration site.

Tools Display Options

Last but not least, we have given you more control over the elements displayed on your Answerbase site, allowing you to show/hide the Tools box or the individual pages like Help, Widgets and the Social Sharing script.  You can turn these features on/off in the “System Settings” area in your administration, within your site’s Feature Preferences.