Subscription Encouragement + Enhanced Single Sign-On

Another round of enhancements has been launched on the Answerbase system and they should both help you grow your community and ease your tasks as an administrator.

Subscription Encouragement

It is vital that experts on your site know when questions are asked that they might be able to answer.  Until now it has been a manual process for the users to figure out which categories or tags they would like to subscribe to in order to get those notifications about new questions. We’ve recently made updates to the system so its more proactive about this, and actually leads users to subscribe the categories or tags that they have expertise in. Whenever a user answers a question he is also encouraged to subscribe to the categories/tags of that question, unless he’s already subscribed. This means that as the experts do what they do best (help others with their problems), they can also expand their subscriptions and thus they broaden their impact by receiving notifications about similar questions that they might also be able to help with.  This helps you grow your community of knowledgeable experts who are immediately notified when a question is asked, and therefor promotes quick and accurate answers to the users asking questions.

Enhanced Single Sign-On Support and Documentation

We have even more goodies in our bag of recent releases for administrators related to Single Sign-On.  For site owners that integrate Single Sign On with their main site, this process has become easier with more options and better documented as well and we believe we have one of the most user friendly SSO integrations on the market.  Single Sign-On support is available to customers signed up to the business plan, and is available in the administration site under the “Integration” area.