Migrate Existing Users Using Our New “Import Users” Functionality

With our new “Import Users” functionality it’s now easier than ever to migrate your existing Q&A site or traditional forum to Answerbase.  With the combination of being able to import your questions, answers, and users easily onto the Answerbase platform, we make it painless for you to start seeing the benefits of using Answerbase over other platforms.

In your administration area, if you go to the “Users” section you’ll find a new option in the sub-navigation to “Import Users”.  This new functionality gives you easy directions on how to prepare a CSV file of all the users you would like to import into your Answerbase Q&A platform, lets you preview the user information to make sure its been imported correctly, and then finally complete the import so that all your users reflect on your platform.

Now its easier than ever to migrate your users to the Answerbase Community Q&A platform, and grow your community on a platform proven to give results.