Advanced Administrator Moderation Management

We’ve recently published an enhancement to the moderation area for site administrators, so you’re able to more easily view the moderation queues of all of your moderators individually, and accomplish their moderation tasks yourself if desired. This allows you to easily manage another person’s moderation assignments if they take a sick day or go on vacation!

You’re also able to view all unmoderated content and users more easily, so you can see what posts and users still need to be reviewed on your Q&A site.  This allows you to more effectively ensure that all the content on your Q&A system is quality and helpful to the community.

To view these enhancements, login to your administration site and go to the “Moderation” section.  You’ll see a new selection dropdown available to the right, allowing you to select to “Moderate for” either yourself, other moderators, or all unmoderated items.

Happy moderating!

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