New Function Measures Reducing Duplicate Questions

One of our users’ favorite Answerbase features is our process of eliminating extra work for administrators. Whether its our similar questions function or our quick-to- reply customer service team, Answerbase customers can rest assured that we are in your corner. We’re always searching for ways to create a better Q&A experience for our clients and users.

The latest upgrade we’ve incorporated is a method of measuring our process of reducing duplicate questions. By keeping track of how often we are reducing duplicate questions, we aim to continually improve that statistic. So how does it work?

When the user visits your Q&A site and goes to ask a question, as they type in their question, Answerbase reads what they are writing and looks back into the database of  previously asked questions to see if it has already been asked.  If their question has already been asked, they are lead to the details of that question so they can see the answer immediately if one is available…or if an answer has not been submitted yet they can follow the question so they can get updates as soon as an answer is posted.  Saves everybody time and energy since the user doesn’t need to post a new question and your staff or the community doesn’t need to post answers to duplicate questions:)

Of course, we’re tracking the percentage of questions started and posted, and therefor able to determine what percentage of questions that were started but deflected through the above process….showing you hard data on how many duplicate questions are being managed automatically.

We have also integrated a method to calculate this percentage within a specific date range. Answerbase customers can monitor the total number of questions asked, the amount of questions avoided, and thus track the percentage of questions avoided of the total questions asked.

Our goal is simple. We make every effort for you to be able to have the tools you need to give your users an excellent experience. From more detailed data, to customizable widgets, we aim to improve your website’s engagement through effective features and tools.

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