New IP Access Controls

We have just released some new IP access recognition and controls, which allows you to more effectively manage your users and if necessary block any abusive users who may try to abuse posting privileges. For most communities, this is not necessary but inevitably for some they become the target of manual SPAM campaigns and therefor we want to make sure you have the necessary tools to manage those situations and keep your life easy:)

As you view a user’s profile in the administration area, you’ll see on their “Account” tab you have the ability to approve or deny that user access to the platform. Below that option you’ll now see an option for “Access History and IP Blocking” where you can see a full list of IPs that the user has accessed from and block any IPs as you’d like. This is helpful for any manual SPAM postings where users may try to continue and make new user accounts, to get around any accounts you’ve already blocked. You can then just block the IP address(es) where the abuse is coming from and therefor avoid any future posts from that user.

Also, in the “System Settings” area you’ll see a new “IP Access Management” option where you’ll be able to manage a full list of IPs that you have currently blocked with the ability to unblock if you’d like. All of these tools are there to make sure you have everything you need to manage your online Q&A platform.

Hope everyone is well and feel free to use our “Contact Us” form for any feedback or ways we can better serve you.

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