New Answerbase API Methods and Capabilities Released

Answerbase has recently rolled out many new API methods and enhancements so you can more seamlessly integrate Q&A into your websites, some of our clients are ONLY using the API to integrate Q&A functionality into their sites with these new features and we wanted to let you know what is new.

See what’s new:

  • We’ve added new methods to get a specific category and get a list of all categories available on your platform
  • We’ve added the parameter ExternalQuestionUrl to the Ask Question method, allowing you to host the question details page on your site if you’d like
  • All methods accepting category names as parameters now accept also category IDs and category external IDs, allowing you to reference categories by your own unique category IDs if that is being managed on your end
  • We’ve added the Get Similar Questions method so you’re able to provide auto-suggest for questions being asked on your site
  • We’ve added the method Search Questions, so you can support the search of questions on your site which will be sorted by relevance just like it is on your Q&A platform.
  • We’ve added the methods Add User Category Subscriptions and Remove User Category Subscriptions and removed the “Update User Category Subscriptions” (still works for backwards compatibility)

For a full list of of API available to site owners take a look at the Answerbase API Documentation and you can view all of the most recent changes within the Change Log.