Enhanced Anti-Spam Tools Available

Hi All,

Hope things are well.  To compliment some of the other features we have in place to combat spam, we’ve recently launched a few new anti-spam tools for you that you’ll want to be aware of.  As your Q&A platforms become more popular and well-trafficked….you’re bound to get hit with a spam attack or two so we’ve enhanced our features to makes sure you have all the necessary tools in place to combat those pesky spammers.

You can find the new tools under your “System Settings” area, and you can see your “Anti-Spam Tools” option there.  A few notes as you take a look and choose what makes the most sense for you.

  • Suspicious IP Identification: Answerbase has the ability to identify IPs that are commonly used for spam attacks across the globe, and you have the choice of enabling this feature to either keep any posts from a suspicious IP address unpublished till your review…or if you prefer you can simply just block any posts from those suspicious IPs altogether so you don’t have to take the time to look at them at all.
  • Suspicious Keyword Recognition: The IP tool should take care of a large amount of your spam issues, but in case any further activity slips through we also give you the ability to identify terms that the spammers are using which simply don’t match your site’s content and again you can either keep any matching posts unpublished until you review them or you can block those as well.
  • Trusted Users: Of course, you don’t want to inhibit any frequent users on your site who are submitting valuable contributions so we’ve also given you the opportunity to identify criteria for “Trusted Members”.  If a user meets your criteria, the anti-spam filters that you have enabled will not apply to the posts of any trusted members and they will be able to post without issue.

The combination of the above tools have had great success with our existing customers, so we’re confident that they should be able to help make sure that your Q&A environment also stays clean of spam.  We’re here to make sure you have the tools that save you time and energy, so if you have any other requests or feedback to make your life easier please contact support@answerbase.com and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.