Create Custom Information Fields for User Profiles

We’ve recently launched the ability for you to create your own custom profile fields that your users will be able to fill in and also enable or disable those fields per user.  These new features ensure that your user profiles provide all of the information that is relevant to your audience, and are available on all of our plans.

We already had a variety of fields available that you were able to enable and disable for supporting on your Q&A platform, but now you’re able to create as many new field options as you’d like.  You can see this new capability under your “System Settings > General Settings” within your administration area.  Simply add the fields that you would like supported, enable the default fields that you’d like to keep, and save your settings to make those profile fields available for your users.

As mentioned above, you also have the ability to enable or disable fields per user.  Under a user’s profile click on the “Member” tab, click the option for “Profile Information”, and then edit the profile information to enable or disable fields for that user.

These new features give you more control over what your users’ profiles display and make sure that each profile is supporting your use-case for Q&A.  We hope you like that new feature and let us know if there is anything you’d like to see on Answerbase by sending us a note on our Contact Us form.