New API Enhancments and Comment Publishing Settings Available!

Hope everyone is well, we’ve released some enhancements to the API that we really think you’re gonna like as it gives you even more robust capabilities in order to build out your own Q&A functionality powered by Answerbase!  We’ve also released some new capabilities related to both question and answer comments, giving you more control over your content.

API Enhancments

See a list of the latest releases to the API below:

  • Added method Post Image
  • Added “published” property to results of methods returning comments
  • Added “published” parameter to method Post Comment
  • Added method Update Comment
  • Added “followers” property to Short Question data structure
  • Added options “recentlyactive” and “recentlyanswered” to parameter “orderby” of method Get Questions List
  • Added parameters “organization”, “address”, “city”, “facebookUrl”, “twitterUrl”, “linkedInUrl”, “googleUrl”, and “customField[FIELD-ID]” to methods Register User and Update User Data
  • Added properties “organization”, “address”, “city”, “facebookUrl”, “twitterUrl”, “linkedInUrl”, “googleUrl”, and “customFields” to results of methods Get User, Get Users, Get Top Experts, Get Staff Experts, and Get Featured Expert

You can view the full API Documentation in order to see everything that’s available to you, and there is an easy reference in the Change Log to see all the recent changes.

Publishing & Unpublishing Comments

We’ve always supported the publishing and unpublishing of both questions and answers, and now we’ve brought that same capability to question comments and answer comments for customers that choose to support those on their systems.  You can see those new options as you view comments on a question thread in your administration interface.

Additionally, as with questions and answers, you also have the ability to choose whether comments will be published by default when a new user posts or if you’re going to require review of any comments before they’re posted.  You can see those settings added under “System Settings > General Settings” in your administration interface, and under the subheading “Content Publishing Rules”.

We hope you like that new features and let us know if there is anything you’d like to see on Answerbase by sending us a note on our Contact Us form.