Additional Anti-Spam Tools and Access Restriction Capabilities

We’ve released some new anti-spam settings in your administration interface which allow you to restrict user postings by Country, allowing you to target specific countries or regions that you want to either restrict postings to or avoid postings from.  You can find these new features under “System Settings > Anti-Spam Settings”.

With these new features, you’ll be able to choose to identify a list of countries and then determine whether the system will be looking for content being posted “from” or “not from” the defined countries.  Once you’ve enabled this feature, you can also choose how you want to manage that content that is recognized as being from or not from the countries you’ve identified.  You can choose to either keep content published from your defined countries unpublished until review, or you can choose to block those users from posting altogether.  This can help site owners restrict posting capabilities per country, and using these features in concert with our other anti-spam features to help ward off any countries which may be prone to harboring spammers.

We’ve also enhanced your ability to see which countries specific users are accessing from, so when you visit a user’s profile in your administration interface….make sure the “Account” tab is selected and you can then click the “Access History…” link on that tab.  This will give you a list of all IP Addresses and Countries a user has accessed the system from and also giving you the ability to block both Countries and IPs in case of abuse.

We hope you like that new feature and let us know if there is anything you’d like to see on Answerbase by sending us a note on our Contact Us form.