Save Drafts of Answers for Future Use or Answer Collaboration!

Hope everybody has been well.  We’ve just launched a new “Save Answer Draft” feature for Business Plan customers which will allow you to save drafts of your answers.   This will allow you to save what you’re doing if you’re interrupted and need to come back to finish later, or also allows you to collaborate with other team members to come up with the best possible response to a question.

You’ll find this feature under your “Answer Question” text area as seen here:







You can save multiple drafts and those will list out on the right side of your “Answer Question” text area, where you can revert back to a previous draft at any time.

After you’ve saved a draft, for other moderators or administrators viewing the same question, they can clearly see that you are drafting an answer and even propose edits to your drafts in order to develop the most effective answer to each question.  This gives you the ability to communicate with a colleague when necessary so they can propose valuable edits or even give approval of specific content that you want to run by them, and then you can make any last minute changes before posting a great answer.

We hope you like that new feature and let us know if there is anything you’d like to see on Answerbase by sending us a note on our Contact Us form.