Keep Your Content Up-To-Date with Scheduled Content Reviews

The content on your website is a reflection of your brand and how well your business and site is managed, so its essential that all of the content that you have available is kept up to date.  This ensures that the content remains relevant for your audience, and your knowledge base is a reliable destination for useful information.

In an effort to make your life easier in managing your content, we’ve released a new feature where you can schedule content reviews.  This allows you to designate a time-frame in which your Q&A and article content should be reviewed, and then your administrators will be assigned content to review and notified when content reviews are due.  These time-frames can be defined on the system level, category level, or even on a specific Q&A thread or article.  These settings make sure that you can focus on the content that requires this kind of attention, and you can allocate your resources and time accordingly.

Global Content Review

If you’d like to set a global content review time-frame, you can do so under your “System Settings > General Settings” where you’ll find a new feature to enable this functionality and define the appropriate frequency of review.

Category Targeted Content Review

If the global setting is a bit much or there are specific types of content that require more frequent review than others, you can also choose specific categories of content that require review and a time-frame relevant to each category.  You’ll find those settings by going to your Category or Tags section of your site, clicking on the appropriate category or tag, and then you’ll see these features under the “Settings” tab as seen below.

Question Specific Review Designation

Finally, if there are specific pieces of content that you’d like to define a review frequency for, which are only relevant to those specific posts, you can do so when reviewing an individual Q&A thread or article in your administration area.  When viewing a post, you can see the new option under the “Settings” tab as seen below.

These new features should be a great help in making sure that all of your content remains fresh and up to date for your visitors, members, and customers.