Supercharge Your Link Building through Answerbase’s “Related Content” Features

Answerbase now allows you to easily identify the relationship between the questions that your users post and other relevant content that you have on your site including tutorials, videos, articles, blog posts, white papers, etc.  This effectively presents all of the most relevant content you to satisfy the needs of your visitors, while creating a web of relevant interlinking pages that search engines love.

You now have the tools to identify other content that is related to each question posted on your website, giving you the ability to link to that content which builds links for search engines to crawl as well as presents your users with all the relevant information they need to resolve their issues.

In your administration interface, when you view a question, look for the “Related Content” area where you can identify the URL of your related content and also create a Link Title that will most effectively lead visitors to these pages on your site and increase the SEO value of those terms for your pages.  Answerbase tracks the CTR of each content link you make available, prioritizing the content that most effectively fills the needs of your visitors and making sure they’re presented with the most relevant information.

Answerbase’s “Question Tab” and “Full Featured” widgets have also been enhanced so that when you put an Answerbase widget on your your existing content pages (articles, tutorials, videos, etc.), any questions that are asked from those pages can be automatically associated with that page and immediately create a new relevant link to your content.  This allows you to accomplish link building to your content through natural user interaction, establishing a spiderweb of links that are each connected with mutually relevant information.  This also achieves the ability to show “Page Specific Q&A” where you can show the most popular questions on a specific article, tutorial, etc….giving your users the information they need surrounding your content and also giving you insights into how you may want to improve your content through answering questions that are of common interest.

Finally, Answerbase customers also can utilize our APIs to relate content to different questions and make sure that connection is established there as well.  This new set of features makes sure that you can give your users the best available information to satisfytheir inquiries, which increases your brand recognition, saves you time, and is an automated way of optimizing your website for more search engine traffic.