Find and Auto-Suggest Answers from Product Information, Specifications and Q&A's

Up to 80% of visitor questions can be answered automatically through Answerbase's ability to autosuggest answers from previously answered questions and product information.

Automatically Answer Questions with Existing Q&A Content

Customers that engage with Answerbase’s product questions and answers will have their questions answered immediately when the question has been answered before or when you’re product information and specifications already contains the information they’re looking for.


Finds Answers within Product Information & Specifications

Our solution will identify when your customer is asking a question about information that you've already provided in your product details and specifications, and answer their questions immediately with that information.


Answerbase can find answers in product info, q&as, reviews and other product specifications to ensures inquiries are most efficiently managed.

Answerbase increases purchases for certain products and increases sales. It also reduces costs because a lot of questions are very similar, and a customer may find that an answer to a question addresses their questions.
Ron D.

Engage Visitors and Convert Them Into Customers

Answerbase integrates into your product details and product category pages, engaging your customers so they get their product answers and convert to a paying customer.

Product Page Q&A


Answerbase product questions and answers integrates seamlessly into your product pages, allowing users to ask their product-specific questions and get instant answers to convert.

Product Category Page Q&A


Integrate Q&A into your product category pages, allowing your customers to engage to ask questions which will lead them to the most appropriate product for their needs.

Google Searchers Find your Product Questions & Answers

Customers ask product-related questions on Google and your product question and answer content is optimized to display in the results, driving those potential customers to your site to get the answers and convert.

Answerbase has doubled the overall traffic to our ecommerce site, and increased our organic search traffic by four times!
Ron D.