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Headless Community Q&A Forum API

Utilize Answerbase’s headless community API platform to engage your community of customers, partners, and your own team as they collaborate with each other in order to problem solve.  Answerbase provides a robust community API to power your online communities on the front end while being able to take advantage of an extensive set of community administration and moderation capabilities.

Answerbase’s API is organized basing on principles of Representational State Transfer (REST). All the methods are invoked via an HTTP Request implementing HTTP authentication and HTTP verbs and are answered by appropriate HTTP Status code and (when required) a result as either JSON or XML.

Available API methods include:

  • Post/get community questions and answers
  • Post/get community articles
  • Post/get community documents
  • Post/get content images & attachments
  • Post/get content reviews and ratings
  • Browse and search community content
  • Get/update community member account information
  • Get/update community member activity & engagement

…and many more!


Community Profiles & Accounts API

Seamlessly integrate your community capabilities within your existing user accounts and profiles.   Answerbase will power your community engagement and content while allowing you to work the appropriate profile information, activity, content, and settings into your existing user profiles and account portal.

Available user account and profile management API methods include:

  • Get community members & experts lists
  • Get featured member lists
  • Get/update member reputation points
  • Get/update member topic and product subscriptions
  • Get/update member content subscriptions
  • Create/update community member accounts
  • Create/update member profiles & images
  • Get/update member community preferences settings
  • Get/update member community notification settings
  • Get/update member permissions
  • Get/update member reputation points and ranking
  • Get/update member badges
  • Get member areas of expertise
  • Search and browse community members

Moderation and Administration

Answerbase enables you to power your community with Answerbase’s robust headless API while still providing you with all the necessary tools to manage all aspects of the content and community.  Your administration portal gives you the ability to effectively manage and maintain your community platform including the following capabilities:

  • Automated abuse and spam recognition & mitigation
  • Profanity recognition and filters
  • Community reporting of content
  • Moderation and review of content and users
  • Community & content analytics and reporting
  • Customization and configuration settings

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The idea was to support the growth of Workana without implying a great growth in the level of questions to our support team. We found that Answerbase was very simple to use and administrate. It has good tools to moderate and measure results. It is easy to integrate and has all the necessary tools.

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