3 Surprising Facts about Answerbase’s Q&A Online Software

We know you have more than one option when seeking out Q&A online software. However, you might be unaware of a few of Answerbase’s intuitive advantages.

1. The shoe will fit–we promise. We have a multitude of options to choose from so our Q&A platform will fit right in with the rest of your site. The first three plans have template options so you can select a look that fits you best. They also include the option of adding your own CSS for full design flexibility. With our fourth option, the Enterprise plan, we knock out the HTML/CSS customization for you as well as any custom develop adjustments to the system. That means that whether you are a company of one and your client base is small or you have tens of thousands of employees and millions of customers, we have a perfect fit for you.  In addition, Answerbase is a program that grows with you. As your needs change, you can upgrade your plan. It’s that easy. We meet your needs where you are.

2. New faces–all the time. Here’s a couple of eyebrow-raising stats: One of our customers experienced an average of 32% organic traffic growth month over month for a period of 12 straight months, clearly showing our ability to consistently attract visitors from search engines. Another client experienced an average of 19% organic traffic growth PER WEEK for the first two months after launch, showing how quickly you can attract  search engine traffic in even a short period of time. If you’re brainstorming a move to make to attract more traffic, Q&A software is the way to go.

3. A lot of traffic–not a lot of hassle. Some of our users have been getting up to an average of 36 unique visitors per month for every question posted. This is encouraging given the fact that questions are user generated, not requiring you to hire writers or editors. You may be thinking “Well, Q&A online software sounds like a great tool, but we don’t have time to manage all that.” We’ve got you covered. With our “similar questions” feature, which identifies questions that have been asked before and presents the user with the existing answer, your staff will never have to monitor or assist in answering the same question twice and your users are satisfied with quick answers to their questions. That means that even your inquisitive nocturnal customers can get quality answers to previously answered questions  at 3 AM while you and your team are fast asleep. You have a happy customer and you get your beauty rest. Sounds like a good deal to me.

Our past customer experiences prove our product works. Try it for yourself by signing up for a free trial!