Create Content based on Real Demand with Answerbase Content Insights

Answerbase has released our “Content Insights” for Business and Enterprise Plan customers which will recommend content that you should create based on what topics are in high demand.  As we track your visitor’s activity on your Answerbase Q&A platform, we’re able to determine what topics are most popular with your audience and then give you insights on your customer’s and visitor’s pain points, topics of interest, and most common inquiries.  We clearly present these topics to you with recommendations on different actions you can take to help satisfy the proven content demand.

  • Answering Questions: When you have questions that have been posted that we recognize as being in high-demand but do not have a quality answer in place to satisfy your visitors we make that clear to you so that you can either create or source a quality answer.  This ensures that all of your visitor’s pain points or interests are effectively managed, giving them a better content experience and improving the usefulness of your online presence.
  • Associating Existing Content: We make sure you’re aware of topics that are very popular and have a high demand, and encourage you to associate other blog posts, videos, white papers, etc. that will be of interest to users visiting those popular posts.  This ensures that you can further engage your audience and make sure they have access to all the helpful content you have available.
  • Creating New Content: Finally, Answerbase notifies you when content topics are popular enough to consider creating new content in order to fill the content demands of your audience.  If you don’t have existing posts that satisfy the informational needs of your audience, we can give you insights of what those topics are and you can build brand new content around the topics you know are engaging your customers and visitors.

Consider what Answerbase’s Content Insights can do for your business and start taking advantage of using user generated content and activity to help chart out your content strategy, creating high-quality content based on the real demand of your audience.  For a visual on how Answerbase can be used to improve your content strategy and content marketing processes, see our Content Strategy Automation Funnel.