Benefits of using Answerbase Q&A Software


Establishes a Productive Knowledge Base

Answerbase collects and organizes Q&A content into an easily navigable knowledge base that is productive for both your customers and your company. Answerbase makes it easy for your audience to find answers to common questions while giving subject matter experts quick access to resources necessary to address new inquiries. A central knowledge base ensures that even as your personnel and customers change, their experiences and expertise continue to provide value to your organization.


Increased Conversions, Sales, and Customer Retention

​Public Q&A attracts both current customers and potential customers within your target audience to your site, where you have the ability to put your desired calls to action and lead them to activities that will help accomplish your business goals. These visitors are often seeking information which can help increase ecommerce conversions or allow you to retain customers at a higher percentage.


Generates Valuable Leads Naturally

​Whether you’re looking to capture leads for new business, or you’re looking for opportunities to upsell current customers, Q&A interaction gives you insights into both of those worlds in a way that is valuable to you and natural for your audience. Answerbase gives your audience the ability to engage your company and send an inquiry related to a specific need they have, and gives you the tools to process that inquiry uncover new sales opportunities.


Increases Your Search Marketing Traffic

F​or public Q&A platforms, your growing knowledgebase will be indexed by all the major search engines and then other people who have similar questions to the ones posted by your current audience will be lead to your website where they can find the solutions. Many clients see consistent and dramatic organic traffic growth from search engines, exposing your brand to people in your target audience and exposing your products and services.


Boosts Your Remarketing Reach

A​s mentioned above, Q&A content has proven to increase search traffic year over year, which in turn gives you an increasing audience to market to and remarket to in the future. All visitors that are lead to your site have common questions to ones posed by your existing customers and potential customers, presenting you with a targeted audience to market your services to in order to convert more sales.


Improves Marketing & Support Content

A​nswerbase’s Content Insights give you the ability to easily identify content requiring your attention or that needs improvement to most effectively serve your customers. The platform will lead you to refine lower performing content, or point out content that you should create to satisfy the evolving demands and needs of your customers. Q&A plays a critical role in establishing a process to create and refine great online content.


Saves Customer Service Time & Resources

A​nswerbase’s customers have an average of 30% of questions solved automatically through the use of the existing knowledge base that continues to build over time. This means that you only need to answer common questions once which saves your company both time and money, as your knowledge base can introduce existing answers to customers with inquiries similar to previously asked questions. For public platforms, your customers will also be more effectively served through search engine results as users asking their questions through search will be lead to the solutions on your website.


Improves Service & Support Quality

Answerbase’s technology facilitates the quick and effective answering of newly introduced questions, as each new inquiry is immediately routed to the appropriate subject matter experts who can communicate the best solutions. This ensures that your customers get quick answers to their inquiries from the most qualified resources.


Identifies Your Brand as a Thought Leader

A​s you provide knowledgeable answers to incoming inquiries, and that content is recognized for its quality and shared, your brand becomes recognized as a source and authority for expertise relevant to your audience. This puts your brand in a position to capitalize on that recognition through increased sales and customer retention, as more and more customers go to you for the solutions to their problems.


Delivers Valuable Business Insights

Answerbase’s Content Insights also track content and customer engagement and can give you valuable insights into what products or services are needing attention, what specific pain points your customers are having, and what customers are needing the most attention. This information allows you to make important business decisions which will allow you to better serve your customers and provide an improved service.


Identifies Subject ­Matter Expert Performance

​Answerbase tracks the quality of all answer contributions and can assess the performance of each subject matter expert. These insights allow management to identify the performance quality of the subject matter experts, where you can either reward valuable contributors or make adjustments to ensure continued customer satisfaction.


Establishes Community & Engagement

Answerbase gives you the ability to create a support and collaboration community, improving the customer experience and creating a value-­add to your products and services. With the option to enable community features, user profiles and subject matter experts recognition features, you have the ability to highlight contributors within the knowledge base which helps drive engagement and creates a more personal experience online.


Enables You to Focus on Your Business

Answerbase manages the entire Q&A platform from a technical standpoint, from the application to the hosting and maintenance of the solution, so your team can focus on your core business. Your team is able to concentrate their efforts on customer service, quality content, and using the Content Insights to improve your business processes while allowing Answerbase’s staff to ensure Q&A technology is doing its part to accomplish your goals.