Ecommerce Questions and Answers Case Study - Rvupgrades

Learn how Rvupgrades worked with Answerbase to achieve year over year increases in organic search traffic while converting 75% of their questions asked into a new sale.

RVupgrades is one of the largest online retailers of RV parts and accessories, providing everything an RV’er needs to outfit their motorhome or camper. RVupgrades’ online store ( has over 10,000 products available and has shipped over a quarter of a million orders.

The goal – Increasing sales through thought leadership, growing search traffic, and efficient customer service

As Rvupgrades serviced their existing customers, owner Bill Rowell recognized an opportunity in the types of questions they were getting…

“Many of our products are pretty technical in nature and lead to customer questions depending on their application.”

Bill recognized that if they could answer those questions in a way that could position them as an online thought leader, they could be recognized by their current customers as a “go to” for RV related information and also positively impact SEO which would attract new customers.

They were also hoping for a silver lining in changing how they were managing their customer questions. Before turning to Answerbase, Rvupgrades was using traditional emails in order to respond to customer requests.

”Slow, cumbersome email exchange. After answering a customer we had no database or way of efficiently retrieving the information if the question came up again.”

This created an opportunity for a win/win/win if they found the right solution that could establish them as an online thought leader, increase their search engine traffic, and make their answer delivery more efficient. These goals led them to Answerbase.  To read more on how Answerbase’s ecommerce question and answer software help Rvupgrades accomplish these goals, access the full ecommerce case study below.

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