Create Your Own Q&A Site

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What Clients Say

"Answerbase gave us a great way to build an active vertical community of business software users and see benefits in terms of repeat visits to our site as well as SEO. The Answerbase team has been very helpful and responsive and we trust the system to scale as our user base is growing"

- Christophe Primault

Create Your Own Q&A Site

Create Your Own Q&A Site

Private Q&A Community for Exclusive Collaboration

Answerbase’s support for private communities gives companies the option of making private Q&A for confidential information exchange, internal corporate collaboration, and exclusive access to content and experts.

Private and Confidential Q&A Collaboration

Answerbase’s private Q&A functionality gives your company the option of utilizing the Q&A platform to exchange confidential information. Private Q&A requires users to be registered, approved, and logged in ensuring that only qualified user’s access information on the private Q&A community.

Q&A Site for Private Collaboration

Improve Company Communication and Efficiency

Private Q&A is ideal for companies looking for centralized collaboration software. An exclusive Q&A community gives companies the opportunity to have one knowledge center, eliminating repeat questions from employees and streamlining organizational communication. This saves your company valuable time and resources by letting common issues be solved once and communicated effectively throughout the organization.

Q&A Site for Company Communication

Leverage Access to “Exclusive” Content and Experts

Utilizing a private Q&A community gives companies the option to create an area containing “exclusive” content and subject matter experts. This feature can be used to implement a “pay-to-play” Q&A environment to create an additional revenue stream from user-generated content. Creating an elite collaboration environment or requiring payment for membership also ensures that the most active, passionate experts stay engaged and motivated.

Q&A Site with Exclusive Access

How do You Get Started?

If you'd like to see what Answerbase can do for you to create a private community, improve company collaboration, or create an elite collaboration environment, set up a site in just a few minutes and start seeing how Q&A can help accomplish your goals.

Create Your Own Q&A Site







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