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Create Your Own Q&A Site

Increase Search Engine Traffic on Your Site with Answerbase

Adding an Answerbase Q&A system can draw new search engine traffic to your site, while engaging your visitors and supporting their specific needs. See how Q&A can increase the amount of new visitors that come to your website every month and how they get exposed to your site, product, and services.

How Much New Search Engine Traffic Can it Bring?

We recently announced some official organic traffic growth statistics (“free” traffic coming from search engines), showing some pretty dramatic growth in the number of new visitors our clients are getting to their online presence as users find their Q&A content through search engines.

Take a look at the graph below, representing a real graph of search engine traffic growth from a real client using Answerbase’s Q&A system. You can see that the Q&A system consistently grows organic traffic over the period of a year, as more and more questions are asked relevant to what people are searching for online.

Q&A Site Search Engine Growth Chart

Why is Q&A the Best Tool to Draw New Search Engine Traffic?

There’s a large increase in the search volume of question queries, where users are actually searching in the form of questions which leads to organic traffic growth on Q&A systems. That trend is making Q&A content very relevant for those search results, and in turn bringing impressive results to companies who integrate an Answerbase Q&A platform into their website.

Take a look at the following data and charts created by SEOMOZ showing the increase in the number of people searching by typing in questions rather than generic keyword searches.

Q&A Search Engine Keywords Growth

You can also read the full SEOMOZ article about how Q&A can boost SEO on your site, where this data and graphs were pulled from.

How do You Get Started?

If you have a current website with current visitors, you can setup a Q&A community through Answerbase in just a few minutes and use our widget builders to easily integrate into your site. Those widgets will lead users to ask questions to your Q&A system, and start drawing traffic back to your site.

Add a Q&A forum to your site in just a few minutes, and start seeing seeing new visitors from search engines today.

Create Your Own Q&A Site


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