Q&A Attracts New Search Engine Traffic to Your Site

We’re announcing some official organic traffic growth statistics today (“free” traffic coming from search engines), showing some pretty dramatic growth in the number of new visitors our clients are getting to their online presence as users find their Q&A content through search engines.

One of our customers experienced an average of 32% organic traffic growth month over month for a period of 12 straight months, clearly showing Answerbase’s ability to consistently attract new visitors to your site from search engines and continue to grow that activity.  Another client experienced an average of 19% organic traffic growth PER WEEK for the first two months after launch, again showing the demand for Q&A content as people search for solutions on search engines.

We asked one of our customers directly why they have community Q&A as a tool on their site, and her response was simply ‘This thing is a SEO Cash Cow’.  When we hear responses like that, we get a tremendous amount of satisfaction that our Q&A system is bringing value to our customer’s websites with its ability to drive new traffic.

We also wanted to report on some notable averages in the ability of each individual question posted on your Answerbase Q&A system to draw new visitors to your site, with some systems getting up to an average of 36 unique visitors per month for every question posted.  That’s encouraging given the fact that all of the questions are user generated, not requiring the overhead of hiring writers and editors to try and create relevant content.  This provides a low cost way for you to continuously create content that is both relevant to your site’s subject matter and that drives new traffic in return.

This activity on Q&A sites may not come as a surprise to any of you who have been following the recent trends in how people are searching for content.  A recent article by SEOMOZ communicates that there’s a large increase in the search volume of question queries, where users are actually searching in the form of questions which leads to organic traffic growth on Q&A systems.  That trend is making Q&A content very relevant for those search results, and in turn bringing impressive results to companies who integrate an Answerbase Q&A platform into their website.

As asking questions on the internet becomes the preferred way for people to find solutions for their problems, we think you’ll find that adding a Q&A section to your site is an effective way of engaging your audience and draw new traffic from search engines.  We look forward to serving you in that effort.

Setup a Q&A site today and start seeing similar results for your site.

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