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Enterprise Question & Answer Software

As a larger company or well known brand you have special needs to best serve your customers and employees, so when it comes to finding a Q&A platform you need to make sure the service fulfills all those needs and allows you to cater the application specifically to those audiences.

Whether you’re looking to power a self-help knowledge base or full blown Q&A community….the Answerbase enterprise Q&A platform provides for those needs in both function and scale,.   We provide the necessary tools and services which gives you the ability to seamlessly integrate question and answer capabilities within their properties with the required security, support, features, and performance.


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Discover how Answerbase can help your enterprise, whether through saving time with a self-help knowledge base or assisting with ecommerce conversion rate optimization.  Select the solution that best fits your needs and goals below.

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What are the benefits of using Answerbase Enterprise Q&A?

  • Enterprise-grade question and answer software with advanced administration and moderation tools
  • Fully custom HTML/CSS, Single Sign-On, and development to fit your exact requirements
  • Dedicated account manager, managing the implementation and monitoring of your system

Enterprise Q&A Software Administration and Moderation

Answerbase provides an enterprise-grade Q&A platform for your website, engaging and supporting your visitors needs while creating valuable content that drives new traffic. Your platform will come with all of the Q&A features necessary to effectively run an enterprise-level platform which includes advanced moderation and administration tools to help you effectively monitor and manage your community.

  • Enterprise-grade Q&A platform, allowing for effective community-driven problem solving
  • Question, answer, and user moderation for easy review of all content and members
  • Content reporting and spam detection, allowing for effective management of user generated content
  • Automated profanity and content filters, to help ensure quality content on your site

Fully Customized Public Interface, Single Sign-On and Development

Your system will be completely customized, without limitations, to fit your exact design requirements, single sign-on integration, or any new feature development needed to best serve your audience. We don’t fit you in an “out of the box” solution, but rather let you take advantage of all the rich features we currently have available while still providing you with complete flexibility in design and functionality.

  • Your system’s HTML/CSS as well as layout customized to match your exact design requirements
  • Custom development of new features and tools to satisfy all of your functional requirements
  • Custom Single Sign-On and integration options to work seamlessly with your existing website

Proactive Management and Monitoring of Your Q&A Platform

You will be assigned an Account Manager who’s responsibility it will be to make sure you’re completely satisfied with the service and platform. Our staff will proactively manage your account to ensure that everything goes smoothly for you from implementation of the platform to continued maintenance and service. You can focus your efforts on building your community and leave the management of the question and answer software to us.

  • Managed setup and integration, ensuring that you launch on time and everything is exactly as needed
  • 24/7 monitoring of up-time and performance, to ensure service continues without interruption
  • Managed development services, ensuring new changes are properly tested and published upon request

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