Ecommerce Questions and Answers Case Study - Epestsupply

Learn how Epestsupply worked with Answerbase to double their overall traffic, quadruple their organic search traffic, and increase sales conversions. All while reducing their support costs!

Epestsupply was a pioneer in offering online purchasing of professional pest control products and today their name and our website are globally recognized, with customers in over 35 International Countries. Their pest control experts are licensed, seasoned professionals and certified entomologists who can help with almost any pest, termite, lawn, weed or wild animal problem.

The goal – Increase sales through thought leadership and growing search traffic

Ron Dawson, owner of Epestsupply, recognized the value of putting all of their experience and expertise online in order to help customers and build valuable content.

“It’s difficult to understand how a customer thinks sometimes. The information we have on certain products in our catalog may not address the particular concern the customer has.”

Not only was Ron wanting to effectively address his customer’s needs, but also have that in a format which will impact his bottom line. Ron recognized that common questions they answer for customers every day are asked through search engines daily, as other customers are looking for answers to their pest problems.

“I needed a way to answer questions from customers and put them in a searchable format for reference. Everything was kept in emails and there was no way to put the emails online for everyone to see and reference.”

This created the opportunity for a huge upside if Epestsupply could find the right solution to appropriately manage and distribute the content in a way that was friendly for SEO. These goals led them to Answerbase.   To read more on how Answerbase’s ecommerce question and answer software help Epestsupply accomplish these goals in a manner that increased their organic search traffic by 4x!  Access the full ecommerce case study below.

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