Boost Your Online Sales With Q&A Create Your Q&A Site

Potential customers ask their pre-sales questions through a Q&A widget you place right on your product pages.

The Q&A widget recognizes common questions and shows an answer immediately if it’s available in your Q&A database, while new questions are answered by sales-support staff and product evangelists and are also saved to grow the Q&A database for the future. Customers’ pre-sales questions are answered effectively, increasing your sales conversion rates.

Shoppers ask questions about your products or similar products on Search Engines.

Each question-answer combination in your Q&A database creates an optimized page for search, which effectively draws shoppers from search engines to see the answers.

The Q&A pages lead shoppers right to your product pages, attracting an ever-growing number of search engine visitors and turning them into paying customers.

Track how much revenue Q&A generates for you

  • Observe the trend of search engine traffic (organic traffic) to your website. You will see how the line ascends over time, as more questions are posted and more Q&A content is generated.
  • Track on Google Analytics how many additional conversions (purchases coming from Q&A pages to checkout), you have achieved through adding Q&A to clearly see your return-on-investment (ROI).

This is an example of Q&A performance for one of our clients:

32% consistent more traffic per month

Get Started!

Create Your Own Q&A Site

Setup Q&A for your online store in just a few minutes and start seeing the benefits that Q&A can bring to your site.

Launch Your Own Q&A Platform in Just Minutes

The Answerbase Q&A Platform facilitates users being able to ask questions, browse Q&A content, and receive quality answers. Each system comes with administration and moderation tools to manage the Q&A platform and activity.

  • Visitors ask questions and receive quick and effective answers
  • Comprehensive administration and moderation tools
  • Flexible customization and integration capabilities

  • Social Q&A has been a great resource for our site and business!

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